About The Skepdick

JessMy name is Jess Ohlsson.  I am an American expatriate living in Belgium, working as a network engineer in Mons after twenty five years of service in the American Air Force.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering.

Only relatively recently have my wife and I become what I would call proper atheists and skeptics.  I will touch on that journey from time to time in these pages.

Among my hobbies and interests are astronomy, amateur radio, marksmanship (10 meter air rifle), and I’ve had a motorcycle since I was old enough to be licensed to drive.  My bike now is a 2001 BMW R-1200C Cruiser.  It’s my favorite toy.

Our main focus for the upcoming years is raising our two boys.  My oldest is 6, and my youngest is 2.5.  We had planned to teach our boys ourselves, but finally concluded that we could be most effective by supplementing the Belgian pubic schools as necessary.

But, it was while learning about teaching our sons ourselves that we became skeptics and atheists.  We found that to provide the boys with the best education we could, we were compelled to evaluate the truth and reason of all approaches to the task.  Religion fell to reason.

It was while reading on the many skeptic websites and blogs, listening to podcasts from the Center for Inquiry, Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, Scientific American, and some others, that I decided to add my contribution to the field.  While I have no particular expertise in investigating the paranormal as many skeptic bloggers have, I have spent my adult life working in electronics and engineering situations where successful decisions are always and only based on measured physical evidence.

Much of that experience in the field has also been in inspection and evaluation positions around nuclear weapon systems, where attention to detail and go/no go decisions are everything.

The purpose of this blog is to give another skeptic’s view on current events and other topics of interest.  If I can help a single mind step into the light of reason, this effort will be a great success.