Guns, guns, guns.

Here’s what I want in America.  I am a citizen, so I get a voice.

I want the semi-automatic guns out of civilian hands.  All semi-automatic guns.  No valid reason exists for a civilian to own one, of any kind.  Oh, not just semi-automatic weapons, but also repeating weapons of all types.  Lever action, pump action, bolt action, etc.

How will this happen?  Simple.  Taxes.

I propose an annual tax on owning firearms.  A rapidly and steeply escalating tax based on rate of fire and magazine capacity or potential magazine capacity.  No loophole for a Mini-14 with a five round magazine in a slot that will happily accept a thirty round magazine.

For example, no tax at all on single shot muzzle loaders.  Very little tax on modern single shot rifles, pistols, or shotguns.  Ahh, but add the ability to repeat, and I want some serious tax.

A revolver?  Oh, yeah.  That’s going to cost you, a little less for a muzzle loading revolver, a little more for a single action revolver, and a lot more for a double action revolver.

A bolt, lever, or pump action repeating firearm will get increasingly expensive based on it’s magazine size.

Semi-automatic firearms of any type?  Massively expensive.  Thousands of dollars annually.  So much so as to make ownership of them a ridiculous proposition.

Fully automatic?  Forbidden for civilian ownership.  Period.

What happens if you fail to pay?  No problem, the government puts a tax lien on your property.  Just like they can with any other delinquent tax.  These mechanisms are already in place.

If you are found to own an unregistered weapon?  You lose it.  Forever.  You can ponder its loss from jail for a couple years.  You further lose the privilege of ever owning another one.

But wait, there’s more!  I want storage requirements to be ironclad.  Physically.  Approved gun safes that are attached to the building in which they are installed.  Annual unscheduled inspections of weapons storage at the gun owner’s expense, of course.  Noncompliance equals impound and destruction of improperly stored firearms for the first failure.  Subsequent noncompliance can involve increasingly harsh penalties.

Goddammit, that’s quite enough dead kids, thanks.

You gun owners are incapable of dealing with this yourselves, as you continually demonstrate.  The rest of us in civilized society will now deal with it for you.

Sure, sure.  We’ve all heard the mantra how it’s not guns that are the problem, but crime, or poverty, or mental illness, blah, blah, blah.  Here’s a fucking newsflash, assholes:  All those things have always existed and always will exist.  Mix any of that with guns and, well, we know how that turns out, don’t we?  Those things are all part of the landscape of humanity.  What doesn’t need to be a part of that landscape is all these fucking weapons lying about.

I want this to end.

Stop being so goddamned afraid, my countrymen.  Show some backbone and stop hiding behind your guns to solve your problems for you.


#1 Liberty on 01.21.13 at 00:59

the problem is that citizen’s owning guns is the last line of defense against corrupt police and corrupt military

it’s the only thing stopping them from completely running over everyone

you can make the argument that no one should own machine guns or bombs but only if you also make them illegal for police and military as well otherwise they take over

look at history and don’t be so pinheaded, pig-headed, small minded, naive, brainwashed, and easily manipulated, do you want the red army lining you up like a beta male, like a little bitch, and lording over you with their supreme alpha male status and then shooting you down like the ultimate worthless inferior, or do you want to die heroically, as a warrior, in battle, with adrenaline pumping where you will make them suffer for stepping to you?

You can be a beta male and be lined up and executed but no one will make me such a pathertic beta male, i will fight and do as much damage as I can to any enemy who would interfere with my peaceful existence and peaceful life

#2 The Skepdick on 01.21.13 at 19:36

A couple hundred years ago, that might have mattered. Now, in today’s world, your pathetic guns mean nothing when the authorities decide to come in force.

If your puny guns are your imagined means to keep your gub’mint in line, you are already screwed.

“The red army”?? Are you fucking kidding me? Been watching a few too many Patrick Swaze movies lately?

You’re scared shitless.

But, thanks for the comment. Most of the time here, I’m talking to myself.

#3 The Skepdick on 01.26.13 at 17:58

Something else just occurred to me while reviewing that comment by “Liberty”.

If you think a gun makes you an alpha male, you truly are a sad little man, aren’t you? In the real world, you are the type of person who works for my type of person.

#4 Alec on 02.17.13 at 14:09

I understand there is a lot of reaction to children dieing in school, I find it more sad then 911 personally. But if you take all the legal gun owners in america and compare it with crimes its a very small about of legal gun owners committing crimes. Many crimes are done with guns that were illegally obtained. But there are many things to look at before saying all but muzzle loaders need to go. Mexican boarder has gang members shooting Americans on the US side of the boarder. Cops openly admit they do not prevent crime. If someone wants to hurt you no alarm or locked door will stop them. doors are cheap and can be kicked in, bashed in with heavy objects, or just go through one of your windows. Real gun laws that work can fix this, medical exams, updates to medical exam. Doctors having the ability to make a report saying this person should not own a gun. Will stop a lot of crimes by the mentally ill. There are very few countries that have super strict gun laws that have actually reduced the amount of people being killed. England has high murder rates, with just more stabbings, and people being beaten to death since they enacted there laws. Armed gangs roam the streets and english cops had to start carring guns when for many many years they didnt have to. Mexico has a no guns law, well everyone should know what happened there. Australia got rid of guns and Robbery and home evasion went up drastically. I wouldnt mind if they take after california, 10 round limit and Assault weapons have to use a tool to insert and remove mags. Cant change the nature of people, as long as there are people they are gonna be some who kill other people.

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