Our stable

2011 Gazelle NY Cab

Trek 7200

Gazelle Miss Grace

BTwin 3 Original

We each have two bikes.  Mine is the Gazelle New York Cab Edition, and K has the Miss Grace.  I also have a 2000 Trek 7200, and my wife has the very basic BTwin 3 Original.

My Trek has been the backup bike, but I also use it for running into work on my days off.  Most days, I use the Gazelle to commute to and from work.  It’s just so much easier to use.   My wife rarely uses her Gazelle, as it’s slightly too large for her.  She takes the BTwin into Mons for French classes three days a week.  If someone steals her BTwin, I’m not out much.  We’ll probably sell her Gazelle next spring, since she so rarely uses it.  Pity.


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