Declawing Cats

I got into a discussion about declawing cats on another forum.  I once had a cat that I had declawed.  The time was I wouldn’t give it much more thought than sterilization.

The cat bitches, as I can call anyone I fucking want on my own blog, were meat eaters, and were perfectly happy sterilizing their cats, than had the gall to tell everyone how cruel declawing is for cats.

They had a real tendency to use emotionally charged words to describe declawing.  A couple of them also tended to write in absolutes such as, “All cats suffer crippling effects… blah, blah, blah”.

Not a fucking one of them could cite a real peer reviewed study looking at the complications of declawing, and another looking at say, sterilization.  Nor could they seem to get their cat sized brains around the hypocrisy they are displaying when they hide behind cruelty as a reason not to declaw while munching away on their dead animal of choice.

Now, I eat meat.  Not a lot, but I eat meat.  I’ve killed plenty of my own meat as well.  I know perfectly well where it comes from and how it gets into my belly.  I also sterilize my pets.  Both of these are visiting some measurable amount of cruelty to animals.

So, I’m not about to tell anyone not to declaw because it’s cruel to cats.  I will not be that hypocrite.  No, I would have to simply explain how it is unnecessary.  Being unnecessary, it is unethical.  There is just no compelling reason to declaw an animal.  We humans are considerably more clever than any cat, so we should be able to figure out a way to get them to do what we want without cutting bits off of them.

I will be pleased to entertain any discussion about my justification for recommending against declawing.  But, unless you’re a vegetarian that doesn’t sterilize your pets, I don’t need to hear about your thoughts on cruelty.


#1 The Skepdick on 12.20.09 at 18:01

The thread I was in is here:

In one of the last posts, one of the members sees no difference between killings animals to eat them and “mutilating” a cat. I put quotes around the word “mutilate” to highlight it as an example of the emotionally charged words the anti-declaw people tend to use.

I’ve seen mutilated animals. Farm machinery usually wreaks havoc on cats. A declawed cat isn’t mutilated.

Back to the person who thinks it’s quite all right to fire a bolt through a cow’s head, but at the same time thinks declawing is an ethical problem, I believe they haven’t thought it through.

#2 Mark Bishop on 04.15.10 at 21:42

I now have 4 cats, well…2…two gray tabbys….one is a bad ass…i found in parking lot in Yakima WA….the other from a shelter…it hide under the bed! The other 2 belong to my wife.

The bad ass, “Smoke” not “smokey” cause it has a set of balls that would make you cry; was walking by the bed…saw my dangling foot and decided to induce a nice 1 inch incision with his claw..”playfully”… when i caught him napping and sucker punched him in the snoot….the look on his face..was…”game on fucker”…hah..i love a bad ass cat! no such thing as feline abuse….they love it!

#3 rusureuwant2know on 01.02.13 at 09:20

Compelling reason: it’s the cost of you providing them with a life of luxury and saving you some future medical bills as a result of getting scratched, intentional or not. I’ve been researching this and there are an awful lot of close calls with eyes whether it’s intentional or accidental.
It doesn’t do any permanent damage to the cat; they can still catch mice, etc. There are also a lot of outright lies out there about this procedure as well. Having had cats that were declawed, I can honestly say they were very happy and healthy. They didn’t develop litter box problems; they didn’t develop biting problems. Nothing of the sort.

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